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The RI DHS Application form is very confusing, as it can be used to apply for multiple programs, including SNAP, Cash Assistance, Child Care, General Assistance, SSDI and SSI benefits, Katie Beckett, Medicaid, Medical Assistance, and Medicare Premium Payment.

RI DHS Application (DHS-2)

Long Term Care

RI Long Term Care Forms Medical Assistance/Long Term Care

For elder care and severely disabled persons, in all cases you will need guidance to complete this process.  You can go through The Point, contact 211, contact the R.I. Division of Elderly Affairs, or contact Pat Logan directly for assistance.

Affordable Care Act

Very similar to the federal census form and is based on the previous year’s income tax return.  Therefore, the federal government already knows your income and so you must be sure that the information you supply matches with the information you supplied in your tax return.

If you’ve had a change in family status (divorce, birth of a child, change of income, lost a job, became ill, death in the family) you must document that to address the difference in the current year’s income and the previous year’s income.  This documentation must be submitted to ensure that you receive the proper rate for your health coverage.

RI Application for Health Care Coverage 2015 – HSRI_Paper Application_Long_FNL

RI Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Program

The greatest program in the benefit arsenal. Funded by the federal government, this program has a lot of money and is very generous.  The staff is highly qualified and they are dedicated to helping disabled people become fully employed.

RI Vocational Rehabilitation Application (ORS-4)

RI SNAP Program (formerly Food Stamps)

Due to serious budget cutbacks, funds are much more limited, therefore great care must be taken when completing this form.  Be sure to include all medical bills and any documentation regarding special circumstances.

RI SNAP Application

RI SNAP Application for age 60+

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